Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My previous LOVE

So before I met Bill and had Charlotte my first love/obsession was Dave Matthews. If you don't not know who Dave Matthews is, shame on you! Just to name a few things I used to do are: I would plan my vacations around DMB shows and write the lyrics to my favorite songs instead of listening to professors (I still got an A in those classes thank you very much). In college Mandy, Amanda and I would would pretend we were members of the band and play air guitars and sing along to our fave songs, Tripping Billies and Stay! I miss those girls! Reunion? In recent years I haven't been able to keep up with DMB b/c of work and since I've been on maternity leave I've been catching up. I came upon the following article "You know you are obsessed with Dave Matthews when" and decide to share a few of the obsessions. For some of you that know me well will laugh and say, "yeah, that's Katie." Enjoy!

*You've tried to excessively mimic that crazy ass dance he does at live shows.
*You do the eyebrow and facial type gestures that Dave does when singing a Dave song.
*You make your friends stop the radio on a Dave song when they're flipping channels, even if you know the song is already or almost over.
*You feel light headed and woozy 5 minutes before DMB takes the stage at EVERY concert (and you are not drunk) I don't drink b/c I'm afraid I'll have to leave and use the restroom.
*You day dream about becoming rich when you are older so you can hire the band to play at your wedding, playing a set list completely devised by you.
*When you are at a concert and everyone around you thinks your psychic because you can tell what song it is by the combination of Dave's guitar, Stefan's bass, and what note Dave has his hand.
*When you are 100% certain your very first dance song at your future wedding is I'll Back You Up. Or Crush
*When you proceed to inform your family on how many which ways you plan on getting to a concert halfway across the country. Traveled to Rhode Island, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Colorado
*You make a romantic play list of ONLY DMB songs. I'm in the process of making Charlotte a cd
*You join a Dave Matthews Band MYSPACE group.
*You get pissed when somebody tells you they have no idea who Dave Matthews Band is.
*You have a dream about meeting the band, but then wake up and are horribly saddened by the fact that it was only a dream. Ha! I met him. Please see pic below!
*You don't go out with a person because he/ she says the band is trash.
*When you just can't fathom how people could NOT love this band, and you try to get everyone you know as hooked as you are, despite what they listen to.
*You have a majority of your bookmarked pages on your internet explorer being DMB related websites.
*When you stick a camera in your chest to get it past security so you can take pics inside the venue.
*When you strongly think of naming your first child Dave, Boyd, Stefan, Carter, Leroi, or Grace.
*Know every word to every song.
*Listen to at least one song of DMB everyday.

These are just a few obsessions, please let me know if you'd like to read the full list. :)

Please check out the below picture. HA! Me and Dave!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Huggies nightmare.....

Charlotte was swinging in her swing and I decided to pick her up to play. I noticed she leaked through the front of her diaper, then I turned her around and the diaper leaked all the way up the middle of her back and all over the swing! I opened up her diaper and it was the BIGGEST mess so far! I reached for the wipes and there were none! Let me remind you her diaper is still open and her feet and hands are flailing about. As you guessed by the time I opened a new pack of wipes, it was all over her limbs! I think, "why did I not close it up!" As all this is happening, Charlotte's looking at me like a crazy woman! I probably could have used the whole pack of wipes for this mess, but decided to put her in the tub and hose her off! I'm switching back to Pampers diapers!

WOW, the joys of motherhood!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 7 of Charlotte

I kinda have a daily routine, it starts around 5 am when Charlotte wants to eat. She did have 2 nights that she sleep through the night. Then we go back to bed and wake up about 10. She eats again and we play - well kind of - I make funny faces and read books to her. She's probably thinking "What the heck is this crazy lady doing?" For nap time, I used to hold her and not get anything done, now I'm putting her in her big girl crib. It's nice to take a shower and clean up!

Charlotte has now discovered her hands and feet and she recognizes our voices and perks up, especially Daddy. She is definitely a Daddy's Little Girl! One of her favorite things is bath time. She kicks her feet and flails her arms in the water. She gets so upset when it's time to get out. I thought maybe she was cold when getting out of the tub, but I put her back in and she plays! Next week is her 2 month check up with shots! Stay tuned!