Sunday, September 2, 2007

Charlotte's 2 month checkup 7-22-07

A few days before our doctor appt I noticed Charlotte was getting red in her diaper area. I thought it was a diaper rash and when Dr Hubbard saw it she said no it wasn't. They took some swabs and sent it to the lab. Comes back that she has Strep!!! How did she get this??? I wipe her well and bathe her!!! This Dr must think I'm a horrible mother, but I'm not! We get medicine and a few weeks pass and she gets it again! I'm thinking what could cause this? One morning when Charlotte woke me up at 3:30AM, I'm changing her diaper and I lean over to the wipes warmer and the light bulb goes off in my head. This is it!!! The wipes warmer is causing all this bacteria! It makes sense, bacteria grows in wet, dark places! I stopped using it immediately and within the day it cleared up! If you are expecting or plan on having a baby, do not waste your money on a wipe warmer. We survived without one!