Thursday, June 21, 2007

Charlotte Grace Brown

Bill was amazing during our pregnancy! As I was always feeling fat and bloated, he would look at me and say "I've always thought you were beautiful, but you are extremely beautiful pregnant." So sweet! He went to every dr appointment (except one) and probably never wants to go back into the room with me again! The last month visits were never fun!

Charlotte was due on May 15th (my birthday) but she just didn't want to join us so we induced on May 21st and she was born on May 22nd. It was not easy! Especially when the lady next door was screaming her lungs out! Bill thought that baby was coming out sideways! The nurse came in and informed me that the screaming lady did not have an epidural....that was dumb! I'm a wimp, I had the epidural as soon as I felt pain! The quick version of the evening/day:

-May 21st 7 pm: arrive at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
-8 pm start induction; feel contractions through the night, but not painful
-May 22nd 3:30 am; now I'm feeling really uncomfortable and in some pain
-4:30 am Bill and I decide it's time for the epidural. Now, I was really scared about the epidural and thinking it was going to be the worst thing. It was so easy, it felt like a bee sting! Unfortunately, Bill couldn't be in the room with me, but a had a wonderful nurse to hold me still. -6 am - 11:30 am; After that I couldn't sleep and was really anxious and nervous.
-Around noon the nurse said it was time for this baby to arrive!!

I push and push and push for 2 hours to find out she'll never be able to come out though the birth canal! We didn't know this, but I have a crooked pelvic bone! After all that hard work the dr said we had to have a c-section. At this point I was so sleep deprived and exhausted and now upset that I need a c-section. It felt like a whirlwind after she said c-section. Like her team was right outside the door just waiting. People were poking me and then wheeling me down to the OR. It was like I was in a movie! 45 minutes later Charlotte arrived! She was born at 3:47 pm and weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and 19 and a half inches. OK - maybe that wasn't a quick version...
Charlotte with Dr Crockett

Our new addition to the Brown Family

Charlotte and Mommy

Charlotte and Daddy

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our Marriage

We were married on March 30, 2007 by Pastor Dean at Grace Chruch in Plano. The ceremony was small with just our parents and Bill's grandparents. When I was getting my hair done the stylist asked me what the occasion and I told him I was getting married. He was in total shock that I wasn't freaking out. I just know that Bill and I are meant to be so why worry?! Bill is truly what I've looked for in a husband and best friend and I'm so thankful that he is in my life.

This isn't the best picture, but oh well!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Katie & Bill - How we met

Here's a quick overview of how we met:
Just like any other Friday night, Kristi (my then roommate) and I went to the Quarter Bar in Uptown Dallas. We said hi to a friend that was talking with Bill and his friend and we were introduced. Our mutual friend left and Kristi and I spent the remainder of the night with Bill and his friend. Now, I'm not the kinda girl to be looking for a guy at a bar, especially in Dallas. Kristi was getting marriend in two weeks, so what does every taken friend do for her single girls? Try to find them a nice guy. Right when we were leaving Kristi goes, "If you want her number she'll give it to you." Bill called about a week later and we went on a date. The rest is history.....